Upcoming Changes to our Appointment System

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Dear Patient

We hope this letter finds you well.  We wanted to inform you of upcoming changes to our GP practice appointment system. 

After careful consideration, it has been determined that the current system is unsustainable and not cost effective to the NHS, also the current system does not allow patient needs to be consistently assessed prior to an appointment being made and a large number of patients are not being seen by the most appropriate service.

This decision aligns with changes in the GP contract, necessitating adjustments to ensure the continued delivery of quality healthcare services.  While we understand that change can be inconvenient, these modifications are crucial to enhance efficiency and maintain the high standard of care you deserve.

These changes will be taking place gradually over the coming months but will be fully in place by the 1st April 2024.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this transition. 

The Government have commissioned a Community Pharmacy First service to help to reduce the pressure on General Practice so for certain conditions you will be directed to the Pharmacy for your consultation, this allows GP’s to dedicate their time to handling more complex cases where they can focus on addressing intricate medical conditions with the expertise and attention they require.

Just a friendly reminder, please be considerate and avoid rudeness towards our dedicated staff.  They are here to assist you and ensure you receive the best care possible – kindness goes a long way in fostering a positive healthcare environment.  Staff are working under the instruction of the Partners and the Management.

Thank you for entrusting us with your healthcare needs.

Yours faithfully

The Partners and Management Team