Get To Know Where To Go..

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Here’s some information and advice about services and urgent care in our area.

If you need support with meals, visit
Remember… Unless you suspect a sprain or broken bone, antiseptic creams, plasters and pain killers can help with small cuts and grazes. If you are worried visit NHS 111 or call 111
Common symptoms of stomach bugs include nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal cramps. They are normally best treated at home. Stay hydrated and rest. You don’t need to see a GP unless symptoms persist more than a few days. For more info follow the link: https://gmintegrated and download our handy NHS services booklet
Feeling low, anxious or stressed can be worrying, but whatever may be troubling you, someone is there to help. Find more info here: Free, 24/7 mental health crisis support is available across Greater Manchester. Or call 0800 014 9995.
Call Greater Manchester Urgent Dental Care Service on 0333 332 3800 if your dentist is closed and you need urgent dental care, or if you don’t have a regular dentist. If you have pain in your mouth, teeth or gums, contact your dentist. Your GP won’t be able to help you. For more info follow the link:
Greater Manchester Urgent Eye Care Service can provide assessments and treatment quickly if you experience a sudden change in your vision, red or painful eyes or see new flashes or floaters. It’s a free NHS service, made up of local optician teams in your area, which is available to anyone registered with a Greater Manchester GP. To find out more follow the link: