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Littletown Family Medical Practice

53 Manchester Road



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Booking an Appointment

We have an open surgery in a morning, patients are to arrive before 10.00am and they will be seen. There is no choice of GP in the open surgery.


Priority for evening appointments will be given to those patients who are working as it is not always possible for people to get time off work for routine appointments.


For ROUTINE APPOINTMENTS patients will be asked to wait at least 48 hours for an appointment. URGENT APPOINTMENTS can be seen the same day in open surgery.

Patients should consider do they really need to see the Doctor!!!!

If you have back/joint aches and pains you may need to see the physiotherapist we have at the surgery on the first Friday of the month ask at reception to make an appointment.

If you are feeling down/depressed you can see the MIND counsellor who works at the surgery every Monday, make an appointment at reception and this counsellor will assess your needs and refer you to the appropriate service.

If you have a minor graze, cough, cold, sore throat, hangover etc you should try self care, everybody should have their own paracetamol, cough bottles, pain killers, indegstion tablets in their medicine cupboard at home, these items are bought over the counter they are not available on nhs prescription.

If you have diarrhoea, runny nose, headache go to your local pharmacist, they may examine you and they will advise on the appropriate medication for you to buy.

If you have toothache, abcess, gum disease or ny other tooth problems please contact your dentist, if you are not registered with a dentist check on on NHS choices or ring the CCG 0161 622 6500 for dentist contact details - Doctors do not see or treat dental problems!!!!

If you have chest pains, head injury, suspected stroke, severe bleeding, deep wounds, severe shortness of breath or broken bones you need to attend A&E or ring 999.

If you need some advice or medical help you can ring NHS 111


Online Appointments


We have the ability for you to book an appointment online. If you have an account please click on the image below to login. If you do not have an account and would like one please contact the surgery.


Patient Access


Missed Appointments


We are constantly looking at ways to improve the service we provide to our patients, including access to our services, to enable us to improve access the practice has a strict DNA (did not attend) policy. We monitor missed appointments on a daily basis and any patient missing three appointments in a 12 month period will have their name removed from the practice list. If you can not attend your appointment please inform the surgery as soon as possible giving enough time to enable the surgery to offer the appointment to somebody else.


Appointment Times


Patients arriving more than 10 minutes late for an appointment will not be seen. Late arrivals will be asked to make a further appointment but the missed appointment will be included as a DNA and the patient will receive a letter informing them of this.


Teaching and Training of Health Care Professionals


The practice is occasionally involved in training medical students if you do not wish the medical student to be present during your consultation inform reception.

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